Goodna’s historic Jacaranda trees have failed to bloom for the first time in over 80 years.

With the annual Jacaranda Festival just around the corner, the lack of colour has locals worried.

Amadee Stenzel reports.


The streets of Ipswich are missing a shade of purple.

The Jacarandas which usually bloom before August have failed to flower, and that’s no good for the planned Jacaranda Festival.

Residents can’t recall a time when the trees didn’t blossom.

VOX 1: “I’ve seen them blooming every year and this year it seems to be quite disappointing that they’re not coming out like they should do.”

VOX 2: “I’ve never seen them in this state now, but I thought they had a light tip of mauve on there, maybe I’m just hoping.”

Jacarandas were first planted in Brisbane Terrace in 1932, and they’ve survived three major floods.

So festival organisers are remaining optimistic.

Paul Tully, Councillor: “We’ve never missed out yet from what people remember, the flowers have always come on by the end of October, so here’s hoping over the next three weeks that they’ll be in full blossom.”

The lack of flowering Jacarandas could be linked to the recent run of strange weather.

Neil Murphy, Plant Specialist: “Things like minimum temperatures and rainfall can be quite variable and trees that are waiting for a trigger like that may miss it.”

With the Festival only three weeks away all organisers and Goodna residents can do is hope that nature plays its part.

Whatever happens, the event will go ahead, perhaps without the usual splash of colour.

Amadee Stenzel, QUT News.