One of Queensland’s fashion gurus has joined the fight against women’s cancers.

Lorna Jane Clarkson’s fashion label is promoting parties to raise money for research.

Isabella Cameron reports.


It’s Lorna Jane’s Pink Yoga Party and it was held today to kick off a whole campaign of fund raising get-togethers called Girls Night In.

The Cancer Council of Queensland wants women throughout the state to hold similar events to raise money.

Katie Clift, Cancer Council: “They can host their own pink parties, they can have pink afternoon teas, movie nights, have some people around to their home, bake goodies at work to sell.”

The money will help fund research.

Katie Clift, Cancer Council: “This campaign focuses on breast and gynecological cancers, it’s a big burden in our state and we want to do all we can to help the people affected.”

One in six Queensland women will be diagnosed with one of the two different cancers, 850 will die every year.

The Cancer Council is determined to raise awareness.

Katie Clift, Cancer Council: “It encourages all Queenslanders to do what they can to support the women in their life this month who might be diagnosed with cancer.”

This year the Council wants to raise nearly $2 million through Girls Night In.

Isabella Cameron, QUT News.