What will medical workers look like in the future?

160 of Queensland’s best students have been finding that out, learning about futuristic robotics at QUT this week.

Jack Harvey reports.


It’s a test to refine human robotic motor skills, one wrong move and you’ll get a sharp buzz.

But real-life operations don’t allow the same room for error.

Funded by QUT, the STEM Camp incorporates science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

It’s all part of a hands on research program designed to compliment modern surgical practices.

Nathan Crooks, Project Leader: “Being able to teach our younger generations these basic skills of robotics, of programming, its an industry, a field that’s going to boom a lot in coming years.”

This camp also offers projects covering the 3D printing of body parts and robotic horticulture.

Taylah Meneses, Year 11 Student: “Originally I really wanted to go into making prosthetic arms, so programming an arm is really exactly what I wanted to do, so it’s confirmed and is really exciting for me.”

Sam Ewart, Year 11 Student: “It’s really opened a few doors for me and I’m really keen to get to uni.”

The STEM camp winds up tomorrow.

Robotics will play a vital role in medical practices of the future, QUT is playing its part to ensure Australian students have the necessary skills to operate them.

Jack Harvey, QUT News.