Many Queensland pensioners are living below the poverty line according to a report released today.

And it’s pensioner couples in the rental market, who are at the greatest risk.

Anna Hawke reports.


It’s the International Day of Older Persons, but the findings from the Queensland Council of Social Service are nothing to be celebrated.

Mark Henley, QCOSS CEO: “The report found that pensioners who rent are absolutely struggling with the cost of living pressures today.”

Pensioner couples earn $40 less a week on average than what’s needed to afford a basic standard of living.

It means many of Queensland’s elderly are living on the edge, with little room to cope with unexpected costs.

VOX 1: “I think most pensioners would be flat out having an inadequate diet or certainly would have very little quality of life.”

VOX 2: “The latest increase in the pension was four dollars, now a cup of coffee.”

There are over 400,000 pensioners in Queensland, and many of those are having to chose between paying the rent and putting substantial meals on the table.

QCOSS says more has to be done to help pensioners.

Mark Henley, QCOSS CEO: “There is something that needs to be done by governments to step in to better support pensioners around the cost of living pressures.”

Queensland’s ageing population means the number of people aged 65-84 is expected to more than double by 2050.

Anna Hawke, QUT News.