More than 1,000 Hawthorn supporters turned up to the Hawks final training session this morning ahead of Saturday’s AFL Grand Final.

The defending champions are favourite to beat the West Coast Eagles.

Tobi Loftus reports.


Vox 1: “Go hawks, go the hawks, three in a row!”

Hawthorn are just one game away from three premierships in a row, and if they succeed, will be the fifth team to achieve such a feat.

Excitement for fans was at an all time high during the team’s final training session.

Vox 2: “For me to actually be able to see three premierships in a row is the ultimate success for me.”

Vox 3: “Let’s go, premierships next, come and get ’em, go Hawks!”

Vox 4: “We never get sick of this, you know, like we have brown and gold blood flowing through our veins.”

Meanwhile, 20,000 West Coast Eagles fans are expected to arrive in Melbourne over the next 48 hours.

Five bus loads of fans are currently travelling the two-day journey, they’re expected to arrive in the Victorian capital tonight.

Eagles Coach, Adam Simpson, is insisting his side is embracing Grand Final week.

Tobi Loftus, QUT News.