Environmentalists protested outside the Deputy Premier’s Brisbane office today.

They want to stop the proposed expansion of the Acland coal mine on the Darling Downs.

Gunjot Singh reports.


Protestors singing: “This land is my land, our darling downs land.”

Several green groups, including the Lock the Gate Alliance and Oakey Coal Action Alliance united in voice.

They argue it’s impossible for the $900 million stage-three expansion to go ahead without contravening environmental laws.

Paul King, Oakey Coal Action Alliance: “This coal mine is bad for Queensland, it’s a bad deal for the people, it’s bad for health, and it’s bad for the water resources as well as the soil.”

Environmental groups are calling for an inquiry into political donations.

They allege corruption led to the approval of the Acland mine expansion, allegations denied by the LNP’s Tim Nicholls.

He says the project will provide much needed economic growth for Toowoomba.

Tim Nicholls, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure: “It provides support for many hundreds of jobs in the region, there’s been a petition lodged, signed by actual local residents, people who will get benefit.”

Activists argue the expansion will destroy as many jobs as it creates and the impact on farming families will be tremendous.

They say they’re not necessarily against mining, but they will challenge the expansion in court.

Drew Hutton, President of Lock the Gate Alliance: “It’ll go to court and we’ll fight it very determinedly, we think we’ve got the arguments on our side to win this.”

Gunjot Singh, QUT News.