It’s been a deadly 24 hours on Queensland roads.

A man died last night near Mackay, when his car crashed into a power pole.

And this morning, a driver was killed after his car was crushed.

Maximillian Ng reports.


A man died near Ipswich this morning, when his car was crushed by a truck driven by a workmate.

The accident at Peak Crossing, happened in thick fog.

The truck driver was unable to stop in time and struck the car, hit a ditch, then rolled over onto the sedan.

The two men in the truck escaped injury, but were visibly distressed and were taken to hospital.

And Lady Luck was with a Melbourne driver last night.

The 25-year-old was following GPS instructions, when he drove onto train tracks.

He leapt out of his car moments before an oncoming train hit, shunting the vehicle 15 metres.

It’s the second time GPS has led to a car crash, at this same rail crossing.

Maximillian Ng, QUT News.