Tax reform is one of the single biggest influences facing the Federal Government.

Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, told a closed-door business summit at Parliament House it is the key to reforming our economy.

Mayowa Adeniyi reports.


The mini-summit was called by the Prime Minister.

He wanted to hear how business felt economic reform into the future could be achieved.

Scott Morrison, Federal Treasurer: “It’s tempting I suppose for some to want to quickly jump into this element of the tax system or that element of the workplace relations system, that’s really I think for later, I think what we have to understand for today is we are all committed to the issue of the ensuring strong economic growth.”

The consensus from business, union and welfare sector leaders was significant reform is needed for Australia to keep pace with the world.

Also on today’s agenda, lifting productivity and skills to create more jobs and new technology.

Jennifer Westacott, Business Council of Australia Chief Executive: “There’s clearly an agreement that we need to focus on a skills agenda, we need to re-think the world of work in the face of digital disruption and technology.”

Representatives were encouraged by Mr Turnbull’s commitment to women, seniors and younger people in the workplace.

Kate Carnell, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive: “We talked about a program that we would work up together to make it easier for small to medium businesses to be able to employ people who have been unemployed for a period of time.”

Innes Willox, AIG Chief Executive: “There will be continued engagement with the Government over this and we’re all very encouraged by that.”

This morning the Prime Minister told ABC Radio not to expect any immediate dramatic policy changes.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “You will understand that we’re not going to conclude this meeting at 1 pm today and come out and say right we’ve decided to do X, Y, and Z.”

But, today was the consultative process he promised when he took over as Prime Minister.

Mayowa Adeniyi, QUT News.