The Brisbane Broncos received a warm farewell this afternoon as they left for Sydney to prepare for Sunday’s all Queensland grand final against the Cowboys.

Brisbane will be at full strength after retiring captain Justin Hodges was cleared to play by the NRL judiciary.

Tobi Loftus reports.


Fans of all ages gathered at the domestic airport this afternoon to farewell their favourite Broncos players.

Though not all travellers were supportive of the Broncos.

There was one man missing Captain Justin Hodges.

He was charged with a dangerous throw but it took the NRL judiciary just ten minutes last night to clear him of any wrong doing after Aidan Guerra spoke in support of Hodges.

Justin Hodges, Broncos Captain: “He came and spoke the truth, it wasn’t. I didn’t ask him to come here and lie, I knew straight away that he jumped and he felt the same so I’m just thankful he came and told the truth.”

Although Hodges was absent as the team flew out this afternoon, his mates were supportive of last night’s decision.

VOX 1: “It’s great that Justin’s playing, good for him and certainly good for the team as well to have him out there on Sunday.”

Vox 2:: “It was good news, he deserved to get off and great news for the team. they’re great, already to go, everyone’s fit so should be a good game.”

Acting Premier Curtis Pitt came to see off the team and questioned why two Queensland teams are playing a grand final in New South Wales.

Curtis Pitt, Acting Premier: “No doubt if there is an opportunity for Queensland to put its best foot forward in terms of trying to attract the NRL grand final to Brisbane to be played at Suncorp Stadium, we will be well and truly in there trying to put our best case. I know that New South Wales will be utterly defiant and do whatever they can to keep the game.”

The Grand Final kicks off at ANZ Stadium on Sunday night.

Tobi Loftus, QUT News.