The recent surge in domestic violence has many consequences, including the welfare of victims’ pets.

The RSPCA has a program to look after affected animals, but it’s in desperate need of more funding.

Madison Clarke reports.


They’re pets in crisis, being looked after by the RSPCA as victims of domestic violence.

The program provides temporary care, until the animals can be returned to their owners.

Julie Herbert, Pets in Crisis Coordinator: “More women can actually leave domestic violence situations if they know their animals are going to be cared for and looked after and can be reunited with them.”

Pets are often abandoned when victims go to shelters, because animals aren’t permitted to go with them.

Many of them come here, but it costs money something the RSPCA desperately needs to keep the program running.

Julie Herbert, Pets in Crisis Coordinator: “It does run up a fair bit of money and if we can find a sponsor that will help offset those costs, that’d be fantastic.”

The Pets in Crisis program has been short of a sponsor for five years now and the RSPCA says they constantly rely on the generosity of the general public to help dogs like Dora.

Madison Clarke, QUT News.