The mother of 11-year-old Luke Batty, who was bashed to death by his father, says all Australians must change our culture of violence.

Rosie Batty spoke out after a Coroner found Luke’s death was a tragic end to “a young life full of promise”.

Mayowa Adeniyi reports.


Rosie Batty says the inquest findings give her closure into the circumstances surrounding her son’s murder.

Rosie Batty, Luke’s mother: “We have to look at the safety of women and children and not place the onus of responsibility onto their shoulders.”

She praised the states’ and the Federal Government’s commitment in addressing domestic violence.

Rosie Batty, Luke’s mother: “We’ve had our Premier here in Victoria announcing a Royal Commission into this issue because he was so moved by Luke’s personal story.”

Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull spoke on the issue ahead of the Coroner’s findings.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “Disrespecting women does not always result in violence against women, but all violence against women begins with disrespecting women.”

At the time of the murder, Luke’s estranged father, Greg Anderson, had four arrest warrants and two intervention orders against him.

Ms Batty says her son’s death could’ve been prevented if Anderson had been held accountable for his actions.

Rosie Batty, Luke’s mother: “Luke’s findings help me realise and through the journey before the inquest Greg was never made accountable not once.”

Judge Gray’s findings address the role of Police and Child Protective Services in the lead up to the boy’s death.

Ian Gray, Victorian State Coroner: “I conclude based on the comprehensive evidence in this case that Luke’s death was not reasonably foreseeable by any entity or person including Ms Batty.”

Ms Batty has become a campaigner for family violence since her son’s murder, earning her the Australian of the Year.

Rosie Batty, Luke’s mother: “To understand that this issue requires men to lead the change.”

Mayowa Adeniyi, QUT News.