Hundreds of thousands of Brisbane residents will pour into the city tomorrow to watch three tonnes of fireworks go up in smoke.

The popular Riverfire event will be watched over by a huge police contingent with crowds swelling every year.

Sarah Lingard reports.


One of Brisbane’s biggest events of the year is about to explode over the city.

Tomorrow night it will be bustling with activity and crowds.

Fabio Morganti, Popolo Chef: “For our event, probably about 120, but obviously the event’s a lot bigger than that so there’ll be thousands of people as far as I know.”

Preparations for Riverfire began months ago, leaving nothing to chance.

Fortunato Foti, Creative Director Foti International Fireworks: “It’s probably six to eight months in the planning from the time we first meet with Brisbane Festival to come up with the ideas of what we will be doing for the show this year.”

And the planning is set to pay off.

While it may look like nothing now, come tomorrow night the Story Bridge will be one of 13 locations turned into a visual spectacle. Over 6,000 fireworks will be set off throughout the city. Closing week long festivities with a bang.

Foti hopes that his 22-minute show leaves a lasting impression on the half a million spectators that are expected to line the river.

Fortunato Foti, Creative Director Foti International Fireworks: “We want to try and make it spectacular, we want people to go away thinking that’s the best we’ve seen so far and that’ll make us happy and know that we’ve done our job.”

South Bank has set up its shores for a night of family fun and activities, making the entire area an alcohol free zone.

The grass is the perfect spot to watch the Super Hornets fly over before the firework spectacle begins.

The Brisbane Festival website has all the info and tips on where to watch the incredible display.

Get your picnic blankets and prepare to battle the crowds.

Sarah Lingard, QUT News.