Apple’s iPhone 6S went on sale in Australia today, with all the usual fanfare.

But the launch comes amid controversy about smart phone security.

Gabrielle Baker reports.


More than a hundred phone junkies lined up outside Apple’s Queen Street store ready to handover more than a $1,000 for the 6S.

David Bogg, IPhone 6S Enthusiast: “I lined up at 5.20pm after I finished work and I waited all night.”

The new IPhone 6S features 3D touch, a 12-megapixel camera and has increased productivity, but other than that it looks like a standard 6.

A recent spate of phone hacking uses malware to attack and potentially infect around 4,000 applications. It’s the biggest breach in App Store history, but Apple says it has the situation under control with new software.

Dr Christine Satchell, Senior QUT research fellow: “If this is the start of a new emerging trend where Apple’s security is not once what it was, I think down the track if there are instances like this continuing to occur would have a very negative impact on their brand.”

The new phone has an improved faster IOS9 operating system and longer battery life.

Despite reports of apps being hacked and problems with privacy. People aren’t deterred. Apple says it’s on track to beat their 10 million unit opening weekend.

Vox 1: “I know that Apple is all over it as soon as it comes about and they’re the quickest at fixing those problems.”

Vox 2: “I’ve heard about it but I don’t actually care. I think they are trying their best to make it as secure as possible for us.”

There’s already a waiting list to buy the 6S online.

Gabrielle Baker, QUT News.