A giant duck and a monster truck, today it was a case of all things big, to raise awareness about medical research and hospital treatment.

Hannah Kotaidis reports.


Boats and ferries are a common sight on the Brisbane River, but this morning a big yellow inflatable duck was turning heads.

“Quackers the Duck” made its way slowly up stream to Eagle Street Pier to help launch the PA Research Foundation’s annual “Support the Duck, Stop Cancer” campaign.

Damian Topp, CEO PA Research Foundation: “There’s over 150,000 people treated for cancer every year at the PA.”

Last year the “Support the Duck” campaign raised four hundred thousand dollars, this year organisers are hoping for half a million.

Damian Topp, CEO PA Research Foundation: “Any breakthrough that’s going to happen is going to happen here first in Brisbane.”

The campaign for research funding centres around 40,000 rubber ducks racing down the river on October 18.

Staying with all things big, the Son-Uva Digger monster truck made a preview appearance here at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

It weighs 5,000 kilos and soars three-and-a-half metres into the air, but size didn’t deter the young enthusiasts.

Dan Evans, Monster Jam Driver: “You’d be surprised how smart these children are, they know everything about this monster truck. They know as much about it as I do.”

Son-Uva Digger was a welcome distraction at the hospital, with the children proving their spirits are just as monstrous as the trucks.

Hannah Kotaidis, QUT News.