Life Education Queensland is using the month of October to highlight the growth and dangers of binge drinking.

They want people to sign up for their Ocsober campaign to raise seven-hundred-thousand dollars to better educate kids.

Sarah Bell reports.


Five top Australian athletes put their juicing skills to the test today.

Finally hitting the ten litre mark, the same amount of pure alcohol young Australians drink every year.

And this is what one hundred and twenty dollars looks like in fruit and vegetables but that’s the amount the average Australian household spends on alcohol each month.

Rebecca MacBean, CEO Queensland Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies: “You see the total amount of alcohol that Australians are consuming is coming down, but the number of people who are consuming that alcohol are drinking at more risky levels then before.”

Six thousand Australians will be assaulted within the next week by someone under the influence.

Petero Civoniceva, NRL Community Engagement Officer: “We’re seeing a lot of incidents of one punch deaths occurring, and a common denominator is the level of alcohol that is involved in that incident.”

So the message is, lose the booze.

On average Australians drink 40% more than Italians, we hear about changing lockout laws and closing times, but Life Education says the issue runs much deeper, and is looking for a cultural change.

Michael Fawsitt, CEO Life Education QLD: “Let’s do something about it and Ocsober is about challenging Australians to make a difference, to get involved in a positive campaign, that’s about educating future generations of young Queenslanders.”

Sarah Bell, QUT News.