Young people with high care needs are still fighting for better housing and understanding of their plight in Australia.

But at least in Brisbane the group called Youngcare is striving to help and today opened another home where four young Queenslanders can live a life with dignity.

Bridget Costello reports.


It’s a much-needed facility a share house where young people with disabilities can live together in the community.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier: “Today is a celebration, another milestone, another house that has been opened here in Wooloowin and I commend Youngcare, the board, everyone that has been involved in this.”

The Youngcare initiative allows young Australians with high care needs to experience the same freedom and lifestyle as other people their age.

Nic Herron, President of Queensland Master Builders Association: “I’ve witnessed first hand the difference that can make to the dignity of the people in care and their families.”

The share house is just six kilometres from the CBD.

It’s designed to maximise the independence of residents, giving each their own bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and balcony.

It’s high-tech, with lights, doors and blinds operated by tablets and voice control.

Youngcare is developing a second share-house here at Wooloowin. They aim to provide alternate accommodation solutions for the thousands of young Australians who are currently forced to reside in aged care facilities.

Youngcare says the measure of the project’s success is the happiness of the four residents.

Gill Bikerstaff, Mother of resident: “Absolutely, absolutely, Nick is just loving it so much, he doesn’t even want to come home and visit me anymore, so I think that speaks for itself.”

Trina Stewart, Resident: “I just can’t stress enough the difference its made to my life, both physically and mentally, and also to my family, they’re so much happier.”

The Youngcare share house is a place to call home.

Bridget Costello, QUT News.