In Federal politics, Trade Minister Andrew Robb has let slip that we may be heading to the polls earlier than expected.

He told the ABC radio there was just a “few months” before a very important election.

Abigail Blaikie reports.


Heading to the voting booths earlier than expected, may work in Malcolm Turnbull’s favour as latest polls reveal he’s the most popular Prime Minister in five years.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “Many Politicians say oh we don’t look at the opinion polls, nobody looks at the opinion polls.”

The Newspoll, published today, shows the Coalition leading Labor 51 to 49, on a two party preferred basis.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “I think it’s a good thing for this country that Tony Abbott’s no longer Prime Minister of Australia.”

Bill Shorten may be glad that Abbott’s been dumped but his popularity has also taken a tumble.

He’s now 34 points behind Mr Turnbull in the preferred choice for Prime Minister and while the former PM enjoys a little time off at the beach he’s still angry about the leadership coup.

Mr Abbott’s launched a broadside against new Treasurer Scott Morrison denying he was ever told by anyone, about the risk.

Tony Abbott, Former Prime Minister: “Scott never warned anyone, certainly he never warned me, I spoke to him on Friday, not a hint of a warning, so I’m afraid Scott badly misled people, he badly misled people.”

Meantime former speaker Bronwyn Bishop faces new questions about her infamous helicopter ride.

It’s been confirmed that she wrote in official documents, that the flight was for official business as speaker but was actually used to attend a liberal party event.

The form Ms Bishop filled out prior to boarding the flight clearly states, “knowingly giving false information is a criminal offence.”

The matter is now before the Department of Finance.

Abigail Blaikie, QUT News.