The integrity unit of the National Rugby League is looking at a drug overdose involving Two South Sydney players.

Aaron Gray and Dylan Walker were found in a serious condition in Gray’s home, and rushed to hospital.

The club says the drugs were prescribed medicine following post-season surgery.

Tom Fowles reports.


The NRL off-season is meant to be a time for recovery and recuperation.

For Souths duo Dylan Walker and Aaron Gray it’s been anything but.

The pair were rushed to the intensive care unit of St Vincent’s hospital at 3:45 this morning after a friend alerted paramedics to their deteriorating condition.

John Lee, Rabbitohs CEO: “There were side-effects including vomiting and other side-effects which led him to alert an ambulance which was called to the house, and then the players were transported here to St Vincent’s hospital.”

The players are understood to have been prescribed oxycodone and tremedol, following post-season surgery last week.

John Lee, Rabbitohs CEO: “So they were sedated, fairly heavily sedated for some time. So I can report to you now that both players are showing signs of awakedness.”

The players are currently surrounded by family, and are in a stable condition.

Police visited the property this morning, and the NRL’s integrity unit has been notified.

The NRL may launch an investigation into the overdoses.

Dave Smith, NRL Chief Executive: “We take all of our welfare with our players very,very seriously. We have a very strong policy around performance drugs and illicit drugs. Everybody knows that and everybody understands the consequences, whether it’s in season or out of season.”

The club says as far as they know the players weren’t taking any other substances, or drinking alcohol at the time.

Tom Fowles, QUT News.