Queensland’s biggest arts festival is in full swing, entertaining thousands during the school holidays.

And a one man show, called the Luck Child is enthralling kids of all ages.

Hannah Kotaidis reports.


The Brisbane Festival is almost two decades old.

It’s three weeks of entertainment, music and fun and part of it is the unusual Spiegeltent.

And inside it today one man was enthralling kids and their parents alike.

Artist David Collins plays a range of characters from a wizard to a monkey, combining weird and wacky voice effects with mime.

The Monty-Python-style show is designed to get children involved.

David Collins, Artist: “You’re not going to get this experience in front of any computer screen. The only way you’re going to get this is being at a live show and there’s nothing like it.”

Collins is passionate about sharing his love of theatre.

David Collins, Artist: “That’s my soul goal for this show.”

The title Luck child is based on the premise that every child who can laugh and have fun is lucky.

That’s what Collins wants and what the audience gets.

Vox 1: “It was very entertaining, it was good, I liked it.”

Vox 2: “I just loved how he changed characters all the time.”

Vox 3: “I liked it all.”

The show is on daily until Friday when the Festival draws to a finale.

After three weeks taking over the city, Brisbane Festival will wrap up on Saturday night when the Sunsuper Riverfire lights up the skyline.

Hannah Kotaidis, QUT News.