Apple has suffered its first serious cyber attack with hackers in China injecting malicious software into over three hundred of its apps.

The hack allows access to private user data and personal information, including passwords.

Bridget Costello reports.


It’s a major blow for Apple.

Their devices were thought to be virtually unhackable due to Apple’s control over three key things the developers software, which apps are accepted and their distribution through the Apple store.

But Chinese hackers have made a fake version of their software which turns out apps with a malicious code hidden inside.

Users are then prompted to supply personal information, thinking it’s going to the app or the phone.

Andrew Simmons, App Developer: “Really it’s going off to these hackers who could do anything with it.”

Experts warn that this new approach to hacking may be harder to protect against in the future.

They recommend that you check your software supplier, keep your software up to date and take password security seriously.

James Selby, Cyber Security Analyst: “You spend a lot of money on your front door so spend a lot of money on the way you secure your data out there.”

An Apple spokeswoman says it’s combing through the App Store to remove any apps created using the malicious software.

Apple is about to launch the new iPhone 6S, so the hacking could not have come at a worse time, with consumer information presumably now in the hands of fraudsters.

Bridget Costello, QUT News.