Queensland’s Deputy Premier has called on Malcolm Turnbull to live up to his word and fund major infrastructure projects in southeast Queensland.

The government’s asking Canberra to partner with Queensland to deliver 12 priority projects.

Eleanor Grounds reports.


Jackie Trad today welcomed noises out of Canberra the new Prime Minister will deliver on his promise of providing a 21st century government focused on liveable, vibrant cities.

The Deputy Premier says the State Government has reached out for funding for a dozen major transport and infrastructure projects and, so far, things are looking promising.

Jackie Trad, Deputy Premier: “I think that any money is very welcome in terms of Queensland public transport infrastructure particularly.”

On the wish list, the Cross River Rail initiative, originally proposed by the Bligh government.

As well, stage two of the Gold Coast light rail project, which is hoped to be finished before the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

While the Queensland government is optimistic about receiving more money from Canberra, the opposition says it is inappropriate for the Premier to be asking the federal government for more funding.

John Paul Langbroek, Deputy Opposition Leader: “And now all of a sudden there’s a new prime minister and Labor thinks there is going to be a magic handbag hand out of money.”

Labor’s move comes as Malcolm Turnbull announced yesterday one of the priorities of his new cabinet is to improve the lives of people in cities.

Eleanor Grounds, QUT News.