The RSPCA estimates that 95% of dogs sold in pet shops come from puppy farms or backyard breeders.

They want urgent action now to stop the practice.

Tegan Atkins reports.


The RSPCA has helped shut down three puppy farms, including one which tried to sell all its dogs on the internet before the farm was raided.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA Queensland: “There were 126 dogs and they were just crammed into cages in a shed. Conditions-wise that was probably the worst that one out in Townsville.”

Mr Beatty says many more of these sub-standard breeding farms are still operating.

And he wants action to track all breeders and compulsory micro-chipping of puppies.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA Queensland: “If you don’t know where that puppy is coming from, if you haven’t seen the parents, if you haven’t seen the place where it’s been bred and brought up, then I suggest you don’t go there.”

He says Councils can do more to help.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA Queensland: “The local councils, the local government areas, can basically police their own rules and regulations.”

The RSPCA recommends people going to their shelter, or a registered breeder, to adopt their new family member.

This puppy is loved and well looked after, but many pups are still being bred in puppy farms.

That’s why the RSPCA is appealing to people to get online and join the campaign.

Tegan Atkins QUT News.