Australia’s roads, rail and ports need a serious cash injection, or traffic jams will cost us $53 billion dollars annually within 15 years.

The first comprehensive audit of the nation’s infrastructure warns we’ll have to get used to paying higher road tolls and taxes.

Saffi Kerezsy reports.


The report focuses on every state, territory and capital city.

Brisbane is predicted to be the third most congested city, with Western Australia tipped to top the list.

If changes aren’t made to roads and bridges, the audit estimates road travel times will increase by 20% in cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

It states there’s currently insufficient funding to address current gaps, and that’s likely to be passed on to consumers and motorists.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “What you’ll see is a judicious mix of increased government spending and elements of user charge.”

It’s also highlights increases in demand for public transport, doubling in some cities.

The Federal Opposition isn’t surprised.

Bill Shorten, Opposition leader: “Australia’s cities are choking because of lack of rail, lack of public transport, because of Tony Abbott’s irrational dislike of public transport.”

A key proposal is the need for better information sharing on infrastructure performance.

Saffi Kerezsy QUT News.