The Ekka is still 78 sleeps away, but today Brisbane school children were shown exactly what it’s is all about.

More than 700 students visited Rural Discovery Day to learn all about life in the country.

Anna Grohn reports.


Bridging the gap between city and country Rural Discovery Day at the RNA showgrounds teaches kids all about farming life.

Ekka organisers say agriculture is what it’s all about.

Brendan Christou, Ekka Chief Executive: “In an urbanising world, I guess there’s potential for the divide between city and country to grow bigger and bigger. We see at the Ekka and the RNA it’s our role to see that doesn’t happen.”

They say kids need to be better educated about where food comes from.

Brendan Christou, Chief Executive Ekka: “You see the studies that a certain percentage of kids think that milk comes from a carton in the supermarket and yoghurt grows on trees.”

Students learnt how to make horse shoes, shear sheep and milk cows.

But it wasn’t easy for everyone.

Vox 1: “I just couldn’t really get the milk out of it.”

Students from the Nudgee College cattle club were also getting hands on.

Lewis Cammack, Nudgee College student: “I’m originally from the city, so it’s fun to learn all about this agriculture stuff.”

Now in its 11th year, today’s Rural Discovery Day has given these children a taste of what the Ekka is all about.

And for those who missed out.

Well, they’ll just have to wait for the Ekka in August to get up close and personal with some furry friends.

Anna Grohn, QUT News.