If you live in Brisbane recycling what you no longer want, has never been easier.

And a brand new drive-through and drop-off station, allows you to do it for free.

Max Shochet reports.


A snip of the scissors, and Brisbane residents can now recycle on the go.

This new drive through recycling station in Chandler is the second of four planed centres to be opened.

The Lord Mayor says the new centres are building on Brisbane’s reputation as a sustainable City.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “It’s all about making sure we give people that opportunity, an easy opportunity, to undertake their waste reduction.”

Brisbane has seen a 15% per capita reduction of the amount of waste going to landfill in the past five years.

Besides being free the drive-through centre handles everything from white goods to batteries and gas cylinders.

And it’s clear and simple where to drop it off.

While recycling white goods like this has become common place, a new recycling initiative with a difference is helping the less fortunate dress for success.

Ties, belts, shoes and suits are all being donated to help men look the part for Job interviews.

The initiative, called Suit of Change aims to help change peoples’ paths and help get them employed.

Mark Ferguson, Founder, Suit of Change: “When someone has a job and they get a job they feel like they belong somewhere and it’s really important.”

This man donated his wedding suit.

Vox 1: “Pretty happily married, so I thought might as well make someone else happy you know.”

More than 100 suits have been donated already with more set to come in over the next few days.

Max Shochet, QUT News.