With Origin right around the corner, Queenslanders need no excuse to break out the maroon.

But instead of celebrating for one night, there’s now another reason to keep the party going.

Sam Mortimer reports.


Kids from East Brisbane State School were at the Gabba to help Lions star, Daniel Merrett, with a bomb helping to show his true colours.

Queensland greats joined forces to help launch a celebration of our great state.

Professor Ian Frazer, Queensland Great: “We’re here at the Gabba, what could be more iconic than being here at the Gabba the week that we recognise Queensland.”

Queensland Week begins next Saturday, and marks our official separation from New South Wales in 1859.

This year organisers are encouraging everyone to paint the town maroon and celebrate what we love about Queensland.

David Pugh, Chef: “The actual produce that we get, especially through the winter months, when people think ‘we’re cold, we’re hibernating’. Queenslanders we come out and enjoy ourselves. That’s our time to shine and everybody loves to come to Queensland in winter.”

Vox 1: “I’m from Brazil and, well, look at this place.”

And our relatively warm winter weather will help get the party started.

Vox 2: “That’s the good thing about Queensland, beautiful weather, year round.”

Vox 3: “There’s music, there’s free events. The parklands here are beautiful.”

City goer’s won’t be able to miss the week long celebration, as the Story Bridge and QPAC will be lit in a maroon showing of pride.

Full event details can be found at the Queensland Week website.

Sam Mortimer, QUT News.