Brisbane was floating in a sea of white this morning.

The thick fog delayed planes and reduced traffic to a crawl.

And there’s more to come it’s only the start of Queensland’s fog season.

Lewis Wiseman reports.


From the top of Mount Coot-tha, Brisbane looked like a bowl of thick pea soup.

City buildings were blanketed in fog and commuters were delayed.

Jess Carey, Media Communications Manager, BoM: “We had reports visibility at the airport was down to about 50 metres, which is pretty significant.”

The fog was widespread, stretching from the Gold Coast to Maryborough.

Vox 1: “It was just something really nice to look at, the city looked completely different.”

The city woke up to a warmer morning too.

Temperatures were three degrees above average.

Vox 2: “Yeah it’s pretty foggy, I couldn’t see outside my apartment, so yeah. But its not too bad.”

Vox 3: “It was fine, didn’t really affect me too much, just made the city look nice.”

The Bureau says it’s the beginning of fog season.

Jess Carey, Media Communications Manager, BoM: “Well this is certainly probably our peek fog time of the year. May to June, we’ve got these cold fronts coming through.”

The fog this morning was the heaviest of the year, and the people of Brisbane can expect similar conditions tomorrow.

Drivers will need to take care.

Jess Carey, Media Communications Manager, BoM: “Turn your lights off, take a few Ks off your speedo and get there safely.”

The foggy weather is tipped to continue throughout the week.

Lewis Wiseman QUT News.