With shows like Masterchef and Jamie Oliver whetting our appetites, we’re finding a new love of food and fresh produce.

And that’s led to a growing interest in shopping at open-air markets.

Tegan Atkins reports.


For many people in Brisbane this is the best place to be on a Wednesday.

The Jan Power’s Farmers’ Markets are promoting fresh produce in a local and friendly environment.

Vox 1: “I like the fresh fruit and the vegetables, better quality than the supermarket and I like the different selection of breads.”

Vox 2: “Oh I just always come for a look around, trying to pick up something fresh from the producer.”

Farmers are given the opportunity to sell their produce.

Sammy Power, Director, Jan Power’s Farmers’ Markets: “This is Australian, this was picked last night down there, classical capsicums, this sweet potato was dug up last night, still got dirt on it. I love that, it’s like jewellery to me.”

But it’s no longer all about the farmers.

Sammy Power, Director, Jan Power’s Farmers’ Markets: “In the beginning it was farmers but we actually do need re-sellers because farmers can’t constantly provide what people want.”

For the sellers it’s a labour of love.

Vicki Nicolas, Cakes stall owner: “We hand make everything, we hand cut everything so when we say it’s handmade it’s 100% handmade.”

An app will soon be launched that will allow people to pre-order their market lunch, like a hot paella, and skip the queue.”

A modern take on an ancient tradition.

Tegan Atkins, QUT News.