The State government is cracking down on mobile users as part of a range of new road safety reforms.

Queensland drivers caught using their mobile phones twice or more during a year will soon face a double demerit point penalty.

But the announcement was hijacked by the continuing Billy Gordon fiasco.

Joshua Bristow reports.


The Member for Cook, Billy Gordon, voted with the LNP to rescue the previous government’s surgery wait time guarantee last night.

But with the motion non-binding, Labor could still push ahead.

Lawrence Springborg, Opposition leader: “The Parliament clearly said last night they want to reserve the right for patients for the wait list guarantee and this Premier should listen to the will of the Parliament.”

There were smiles today from Police minister Jo-Ann Miller.

She says Labor now faces a Springborg-Gordon opposition.

Jo-Ann Miller, Police Minister: “I think the people of Queensland can make up their own mind. Lawrence Springborg is a hypocrite.”

Mr Springborg says Mr Gordon’s decision was his own, but it doesn’t matter regardless.

Lawrence Springborg, Opposition leader: “Even if they had of supported it and were able to discount that vote last night, we still would have won by one vote.”

The Billy Gordon saga overshadowed the government’s attempts today to introduce new road safety laws.

They want to curb mobile phone use by motorists, after the worst Easter road toll in more than 20 years.

Eight people lost their lives on the road over the holiday and Queensland drivers will now face double demerit points if found using a mobile while driving.

Minister for Road Safety Mark Bailey says he’s had enough.

Mark Bailey, Minister for Road Safety: “There will be increased enforcement around this, so if you want to get around and use your phone in the car, you will be caught.”

He says the best place for a phone in a car is the boot.

Joshua Bristow, QUT News.