By Samuel Li

Edited for online by Tom Sharman

The annual German film festival begins in Palace Centro in Brisbane tomorrow.

The German film festival will include a wide variety of genres.

Cultural program coordinator Jochen Gutsch says 24 films will screen.

“We are putting on the Audi festival of German films every year in Australia,” Mr Gutsch said.

“To show case the diversity of what is happening in the German film industry and we also show a couple of films from our neighbouring countries such as Austria and Switzerland.”

It is the largest German film festival outside Germany, held in eight cities around Australia including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The opening film of the festival is a hacker film called Who am I, and an Austrian Film called Dark Relic.

Special guests from overseas will help present the event, including sound artist Thomas Köner who will be creating a live soundtrack for the 1926 silent film FAUST by German cinema legend FW Murnau.

Mr Gutsch says he is very please the festival could make it out to Australia and the festival is already the biggest German culture event in Australian.

“Even though we are only a small team here at the Goethe-Institut we are doing our best to create something that becomes a really valuable contribution to the cultural landscape in Australia,” he said.

Mr Gutsch says it is absolutely the best activity for the German community in Brisbane.

“I would say it is by far the largest activity that we have and the largest event we are putting on,” Mr Gutsch said.

“Of course there are other cultural institutions, but basically if you are part of the German community in Brisbane or you are interested in German culture or are just interested in film this is the place to go.”

The German Film Festival will run for a week until Thursday next week.