In federal politics, more good news for the Abbott government’s second Budget.

A focus group found swinging voters are happier with this year’s budget, which they say imposes “less pain”.

Anna Grohn reports.


In 2014, Tony Abbott drove away swinging voters with a harsh budget.

But this year, they’ve swung right back.

Voters say the 2015 Budget gives them “less to worry about”.

And Prime Minister Tony Abbott is clearly pleased.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “I said that this was going to be a budget for jobs, for growth, for confidence and that’s exactly what it’s turned out to be.”

But Opposition leader Bill Shorten was less impressed.

Bill Shorten, Opposition leader: “Does anyone really believe if Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey had control of the Senate that they’d have chosen this year’s budget over last year’s budget? We know what they really want. They’ve shown that.”

Some Labor members say it’s easy to top last year’s budget, with frontbencher Jason Clare claiming Hockey’s first effort was “as popular as typhoid”.

But the Treasurer is clearly not worried.

Joe Hockey, Treasurer: “We’ve had a terrific reception throughout Australia.”

In another pleasing sign the budget has been well received, Westpac’s consumer confidence index rose by 6.4 per cent in May.

Mr Hockey says business confidence will follow.

Anna Grohn QUT News.