An adorable baby gorilla made its debut this morning at Taronga Zoo.

Born to Western Lowland gorillas Frala and Kibali, the newest addition to the family was welcomed warmly by spectators.

Melanie Williams reports.


The little fuzz ball was clinging tightly to mum as he made his first public appearance.

Frala has been so protective of her new bub that zoo keepers have not yet been able to determine its sex.

Lisa Ridley, Primate keeper: “My prediction, and I think a lot of us are thinking, maybe it’s a boy. But hey, we don’t know until we actually see everything down there.”

Until the sex is known, the little gorilla will be without a name.

The baby is the second to be welcomed to Taronga Zoo in recent months.

Mjukuu, who was born seven months ago, loves to piggyback on both Mum and Dad.

The babies are part of the global breeding program at Taronga Zoo and are vital in the fight to preserve the endangered Western Lowland gorilla populations.

Melanie Williams QUT News.