It’s National Families Week.

And there was a ‘super’ event at Lady Cilento Hospital today, with plenty of special visitors to entertain the whole family.

Anna Grohn reports.


Superheroes descended on Lady Cilento Hospital this morning to help celebrate National Families Week.

Children were given the chance to get up close and personal with their heroes.

Organisers say the day is an important one for sick children and their families.

Fionnagh Doughan, Senior Chief Executive: “Obviously family centre care is absolutely critical to our services, and we like to celebrate that.

And parents agree.

Vox 1: “I think it’s a good event for the kids because it takes their mind off everything.”

Lady Cilento worked with the Parents Advisory Council to organise the day, and they’re pleased with its result.

Paul Sanders, Parents Advisory Council: “It’s been a really good day. We’ve been running these barbeques for about seven or eight years now, and every year they are a really great success.”

Families weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the day.

Batman: “It was fantastic. Smiles everywhere, lots of waves, lots of hugs, happiness all round. What more could Batman want?”

This is the first time Lady Cilento Hospital has been involved in National Families Week, but they say it won’t be the last.

National Families Week finishes on Thursday.

Anna Grohn, QUT News.