The State Government is under fire for encouraging public servants to join unions.

The LNP says it proves unions are running the state, not the Premier.

Saffi Kerezsy reports.


This is the document that’s sparked controversy.

Published on the Department of Premier and Cabinet website last week, it encourages public servants to become union members and allow union delegates access to tax-payer funded resources.

Cameron Dick, Health Minister: “There’s nothing surprising about this. This is the way Labor governments and previous governments in Queensland have operated.”

The policy had been in effect for 12 years under Labor, but was scrapped under the previous Newman Government.

Lawrence Springborg, Opposition Leader: “The policy was wrong then. The policy is wrong now.”

Labor argues it simply educates employees about union membership and does not interfere with policy making.

John Battams, President, Queensland Council of Unions: “It was upfront, no deal, commitment by the government to make sure that industrial relations were conducted fairly in the public sector and the only way that fairness can exist is if people are represented by trade unions.”

Lawrence Springborg, Opposition Leader: “We have Bill Shorten and we have other Labor leaders around Australia who are saying that they should be breaking down the influence of union bosses over the Labor party.”

The issue is sure to be debated further with Parliament resuming here tomorrow.

It’s the third sitting for the Palaszczuk government.

Saffi Kerezsy, QUT News.