Tony Abbott’s approval rating is now at an eight-month high.

The latest surveys show the Federal Government’s popularity has surged as a result of last week’s budget.

Sarah Dean reports.


Tony Abbott is “running back”, as the polls say.

He’s now more popular than Bill Shorten as preferred Prime Minister.

Australians appear to like the delivery of the Government’s latest Budget.

Joe Hockey, Treasurer: “We’ve had an economic plan, mate and we’re delivering on it.”

A Newspoll survey shows the government’s primary vote climbing to 40 per cent, while Labor is at 37 per cent.

But after preferences, the coalition is still in an election losing position.

The new Fairfax-Ipsos poll differs, suggesting the major parties are now tied with a 50-50 deadlock.

Forty-six per cent of voters believe the budget will be good for the economy.

Just 28 per cent think it will be bad.

The polls suggest Australians like the government’s small business tax breaks, though they don’t like the welfare cuts to pay for child care.

Andrew Leigh, Shadow Assistant Treasurer: “This is a budget that still has so much unfairness from the last one, but doubles the deficit.”

There has been talk of an early election; however, these polls suggest the P.M. might want to maintain his popularity for a little longer.

Today’s announcement by his Health Minister could help that along.

It’s a five year, 19-billion-dollar deal with pharmacies to deliver cheaper, more affordable medicines.

Sarah Dean, QUT News.