Surfing is mostly an individual sport, just a surfer a board and a wave.

But sometimes those waves are crowded with other riders, and as one professional found out even dolphins.

Edwina Seselja reports.


Hector Santamaria is a professional surfer who was tackling the swell off Jervis Bay on the south coast of New South Wales, but he couldn’t compete with the dolphins that popped up beneath him.

A cameraman captured the scenes.

The dolphins didn’t appear to be paying much attention, they were just enjoying the break.

Dean Cropp, Photographer: “They just zoomed in between us and just kept following Hector for three waves.”

They stole the limelight, but the pro-surfer was delighted.

Hector Santamaria, Professional Surfer: “They were following the board all over, it was really rad.”

Experts say dolphins are naturally social creatures and enjoy company.

Dolphin Handler: “Well if I was a dolphin and saw that person I would definitely be interested.”

But Hector thinks they were probably more attracted to his bright yellow board.

Edwina Seselja, QUT News.