From Gympie to Longreach, Charleville to Blackbutt, there’s a show somewhere in Queensland all year round.

Today, the Ipswich and Brookfield shows opened for business.

Tobi Loftus reports.


Despite the chilly morning there were big crowds at the Ipswich Showgrounds.

Showbags, sideshow alley and a haunted house and organisers promise a lot more.

Rusty Thomas, Vice President Ipswich Show: “Saturday night, our main event is the smash-up derby, which draws a lot, a lot of people and on Sunday for all the kids we have the monster trucks.”

And what would an annual show be without Dagwood Dogs?

VOX 1: “We are having a wonderful time aren’t we? Been on a few rides, having something to eat now but yeah, it’s great.”

VOX 2: “We love the show because it comes every year.”

While the bells and whistles of the Ipswich show are its main attractions, here at Brookfield it’s the uniqueness of the event that attracts people.

No Dagwood dogs here, if you’re hungry try sushi and gourmet doughnuts.

And of course, at Brookfield, there are horses, horses and horses.

Cameron Dart, Brookfield Show President: “We sort of call ourselves the little show big show in the city, so apart from the Ekka and other shows that exist around the place, it’s a good opportunity for people in the city to come out and experience a bit of the bush.”

VOX 3: “The show itself, very nice country show, it’s very enjoyable.”

VOX 4: “I love this show, it’s really awesome, it’s a local feel, it’s cute.”

Organisers expect 30,000 people to attend.

Tobi Loftus, QUT News.