A police emergency shut down part of the inner city at peak hour this morning.

The bomb squad was called in, but a suspicious package was later pronounced harmless.

James Bullock reports.


The owner of this BMW alerted police to the package underneath his vehicle just after 7:30.

A bomb disposal robot was brought in to remove the package.

Vox 1: “When they started closing the street off we started to wonder ‘should we be here'”

The object was later found to be a GPS device.

Police are now investigating how it got there, and why.

In Melbourne, a teacher was stabbed as she arrived at her school this morning.

A man armed with a knife demanded she hand over her laptop.

When she refused, he stabbed her then ran off empty-handed.

Vox 1: “You go to work in the morning and you think ‘am I going to come home or not,’ so it’s shocking.”

Vox 2: “I’ve never seen anything like this before, so I wouldn’t expect it at all.”

The teacher was taken to hopsital with knife wounds in her leg.

And a heavy machinery worker has died on a Sydney construction site.

The man had left his vehicle to talk to another driver when the truck suddenly rolled forward, crushing him.

James Bullock, QUT News.