More than 40-thousand visitors are expected to flock to to this year’s Brisbane Truck Show.

We sent would-be truckie Sam Weston along, to take a look.

Sam Weston reports.


When it comes to trucks, it seems size does matter.

Tow trucks, rubbish trucks, cement mixers and B-doubles, you’ll find them all at the Brisbane Truck Show.

But it isn’t all about talking engines and chassis, the show is a boost for the industry.

Peter Biagini Transport Workers’ Union: “Well it keeps the country going, without trucks nothing moves.”

It isn’t easy being a truck driver.

Drivers often work dangerously long shifts and don’t have access to proper rest spots.

Driver: “Well its just people wanting their loads there on time and the pressures of getting it there.”

Last year, truck crashes claimed the lives of more than 200 people.

Unions are calling on governments to recognise these as workplace, rather than traffic accidents.

This year, the show is holding its first Health Tune Up Center, offering free checks for things like diabetes, sleep apnoea and prostate cancer.

Drivers often struggle with health problems, but don’t speak up.

Dianne Carroll, Trans-Help Foundation: “A lot won’t get their sleep apnoea test because they’re worried they’ll get their licence cancelled.”

It isn’t all doom and gloom for truckies.

Driver: “Nah it’s all good my job mate love it.”

And the show is certainly drawing in the next generation of truck drivers.

Now I’m studying journalism, but to tell you the truth, all my life I’ve dreamed of driving trucks. Sadly, this is all they’re letting me near.

Sam Weston, QUT News.