A life in the Air Force is being tested out first-hand by a group of teenagers.

Young women with a passion for all things aviation are taking part in a four day flight camp at Amberley air base.

Sophie Winter reports.


On board this plane are fourteen eager young women hoping to pursue a career in the Air Force.

The girls have been experiencing what it’s like to fly in military aircraft and use simulators over the last few days.

Georgina Hazenberg, Camp participant: “We got to go into the cockpit and talk to the pilots, it was just amazing to see.”

The main aim of the flight camp is to provide young women from across Australia with the opportunity to explore a variety of aviation roles.

Wing Cdr Llani Kennealy, Air Force Gender Programs: “Specifically we’re looking at the non-traditional roles, so the roles that historically had trouble recruiting women into, so aircrew, engineering and technical.”

The girls have also been participating in physical training and leadership activities and engaging with current Air Force members.

The flight camps provide an all encompassing insight into life in the Air Force, helping to set the young girls up for their future careers.

Jessie Lal, Camp participant: “Just to live on the base, eat, breathe, taste, feel the lifestyle of a defence force member, it’s amazing.”

The camps operate as part of the Air Force Work Experience Program.

Sophie Winter, QUT News.