Children as young as seven are being urged to learn the complex art of’coding’.

Code is the ‘language’ used to create computer programs and websites, and even the Lord Mayor believes it will be a vital skill.

Philippe Coquerand reports.


We’re being told it’s the way of the future, CoderDojo is a program that teaches kids about the coding process which is used to create websites, apps, games and even robotics.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “This is going to be the way of the future and when I look at young people and I say to them many of the jobs they will do have not yet been invented it’s certainly the case.”

Brisbane City Council launched CoderDojo in 2013, it already has 800 participants.

Students like Stuartholme’s Kate and Jess love the program.

Kate, Student: “I believe that coding is needed in a lot of jobs now. It’s useful in so many areas, so no matter what you’re planning on doing, it’s always good to have coding up your sleeve.”

Jess said CoderDojo has equipped her with real life skills, and she’s confident about her future.

Jess, Student: “It’s just really important to know because if you want to start your own business, you need someone to code an app for it or website because you don’t get noticed without it.”

With the rise of coding in our society, some teachers are calling for a coding subject to be implemented in the schools curriculum.

Teacher Lee Furguson says coding will be as integral to education as reading and writing.

Lee Ferguson, Teacher: “It’s that important so that it develops all those problem solving skills in logical reasoning and it really improves all of that.”

Brisbane City Council will expand its CoderDojo sessions, for more information visit their website.

Philippe Coquerand, QUT News.