Last night’s budget has met mixed reactions in Queensland.

Small businesses say it will boost the economy, but there are warnings our health system could be worse off.

Brittney Levinson reports.


Small businesses such as this one in Paddington were the big winners in last night’s budget.

Scott Geiszler, Small business owner: “Certainly that extra cash flowing through the economy, if there’s more photocopiers being sold there’s more photocopier repairmen that need presents and we’ll be there to help with that.”

And former Prime Minister John Howard, speaking in Brisbane this morning agrees.

John Howard, Former Prime Minister: “This is certainly a remarkably good budget for small business.”

The state government begs to differ, saying it’s a horror budget.

Cameron Dick, Health Minister: “Let me be the bearer of Tony Abbott’s bad news in this budget. Queenslanders will wait longer for surgery, they will have to travel longer distances for treatment. I can not rule out a reduction in jobs and services.”

He’s adamant the state government won’t break any of its promises.

Cameron Dick, Health Minister: “For the next three years we’ve made a commitment to delivering on our election commitments. So that’s 400 new nurses, 4,000 nurse graduate places, we will deliver on our promises for Queenslanders.”

The opposition leader says the government needs to reveal its economic plan.

Lawrence Springborg, Opposition Leader: “It is now up to the Labor Government in Queensland, it is now up to the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government to stop making excuses and start telling us what their plan is.”

The budget brings good news for the State’s road network, RACQ welcomes $6.7 billion to rebuild the Bruce Highway.

The organisation says the much needed funds will help save lives on one of Australia’s most dangerous highways.

And farmers say the drought assistance package is an investment in the future of agriculture in the state.

Dr Dale Miller, AGForce: “The announcements through the budget last night were certainly positive and a good first step towards what we’d like to see in terms of some strategic longer term investments.”

Brittney Levinson, QUT News.