Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk today warned Canberra against any cuts to health or education.

The Opposition, however, says Labor is simply scare-mongering.

Tobi Loftus reports.


Amid some creepy creatures, the Queensland Treasurer says the State can’t take any further financial squeeze.

Curtis Pitt, Treasurer: “Right now, the budget appears to be a shambles. Tonight is an opportunity for Mr Hockey to make good on the wrongs of the previous budget and we’ll be watching very, very, closely.”

The Premier wants no cuts to service delivery.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier: “My fears are the fears of all Queenslanders because we have already seen information leaked from this budget and we are not seeing that funding that is needed for health and education.”

The Opposition says the Government’s on the attack because they have no economic plan.

Lawrence Springborg, Opposition Leader: “What we’ve seen here is a Labor Government in Queensland which is completely clueless about their own agenda. They have no idea how to run the state.”

The Chamber of Commerce is happy with proposed small business tax cuts.

Nick Behrens, Qld Chamber of Commerce: “Small business is the backbone of the Australian economy. It is recognition that the states 403,000 businesses employ close to 1,000,000 Queenslanders.”

While the RACQ wants Queensland’s most dangerous road made safer.

Michael Roth, RACQ: “The Bruce Highway is a few years into a ten year, $6.7 billion funding commitment from the Federal Government and they need to continue rolling it out.”

No matter what the Abbott Government has planned for Queensland, the budget still needs to pass the senate, something which is not guaranteed.

Tobi Loftus, QUT News.