The millionaire part-owner of Macquarie Radio, John Singleton, has been photographed lunging at a friend and fellow businessman in a Sydney restaurant.

But was it all a joke?

James Bullock reports.


Restaurant staff in a Wooloomooloo steakhouse were stunned.

Millionaire businessman, John Singleton, a man said to like a drink, appeared in still photographs to lunge at a friend with a broken wine glass.

While tensions in the photos seemed high, both Singleton and his friend Jack Cowin both shrugged off the incident.

John Singleton, Businessman “We were just mucking around. He just loaned me his boat, cruised around and he told me the eggs weren’t any good. So, naturally I got angry. So naturally, there was no bottle around so I smashed the glass and simulated a glassing, and he got up and simulated a choke throat.”

And his mate backed him up,

Jack Cowin, Businessman: “There was no cut ear. This entire thing was a fabrication, John Singleton likes geeing up the media. And if someone paid to buy those pictures they should be taking a good look at themselves.”

It has not been released who paid the restaurant’s tab, or if a tip was left.

James Bullock, QUT News.