Hundreds of lawyers left the warmth of their beds this morning for the annual Queensland Legal Walk.

The march raises funds to provide legal help for those in need.

Edwina Seselja reports.


They swapped their court shoes for sneakers and put in-fighting aside to take part in the annual Queensland Legal Walk.

It raises money for an organisation that provides legal help to disadvantaged people.

Sue Garlick, QPILCH Director: “To have pro bono lawyers volunteer their time to make that happen, coordinated by QPILCH, is very important.”

The long running tensions between Chief Justice Tim Carmody and some judges didn’t overshadow the key message of the event.

Tim Carmody, Chief Justice: “We are all equal before the law and are entitled, without any discrimination, to equal protection of the law.”

And that’s exactly what the Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House provides.

Yvette D’Ath, Attorney General: “Those who are living in poverty. Those people who are suffering from mental health conditions. Those people with addictions.”

Two and a half thousand vulnerable Queenslanders use this service every year, giving them access to legal representation they otherwise could not afford.

Similar walks took place around the country in a step towards a creating a legal level playing field for all Australians.

Edwina Seselja, QUT News.