Many young Queenslanders with physical or mental disabilities had a ball today, taking part in the ‘Best Day Out’.

The day involves a little bit of competition and a lot of laughter.

Brittney Levinson reports.


Around 300 teens and young adults headed to Tudor Park in Logan for what amounts to a mini-Olympics for disabled youth.

But it’s about fun, not competition.

Merrin McCulloch, Best Day Out Founder: “So for the clients it’s just a great day out to mix with other people and just have fun and not to have to worry about anything else, just have fun.”

The event kicked off with a march and a team war cry.

Then they were straight into activities a tug-o-war, gumboot and Frisbee throwing.

Kerry Drysdale, Carer: “I’m a sports person so I love watching them play the sports. I get involved with them, in there jumping with them and playing with them and it’s just all their faces, their smiles, you can see they’re having a great day.”

The event is sponsored by Bendigo Bank’s Logan branch.

Cricket Australia and the Brisbane Broncos are also keen supporters.

Michael Hancock, Former Broncos player: “We’ve just, we’ve already been around and met everyone and, you know, how they’re dressed up and, you know, they look forward to it each and every year. So look, for us it’s just ah, you know, to lend a hand, show our face and show our support for the community.”

The Best Day Out is now in its ninth year and organisers are hoping next year will bring more sponsors and more participants to make it the best one yet.

Merrin McCulloch, Best Day Out founder: “But we’re hoping next year being our big tenth event, we really want it to be a huge event next year. So we’re aiming for the sky.”

Brittney Levinson, QUT News.