The Brisbane Lions went into yesterday’s clash against Carlton as a club in crisis, but they left with a morale-boosting nine-point win, their first of the season.

The Blues’ loss leaves legendary coach Mick Malthouse’s head on the chopping block.

Bernard Thompson reports.


It was Sunday night football elation for the Lions and Mother Day’s heartbreak for Blues coach Mick Malthouse, as Brisbane held on in a gutsy win over Carlton.

Brisbane was down by 14 in the third quarter.

But this time, instead of crumbling, the Lions played as winners, with aggression.

Standout performances from several players, including the under-fire Allen Christensen, inspired the surge.

The final goal came from the boot of the Brisbane captain.

Commentator: “Rockliff knows the gravity of the situation, and he steals it through.”

Coach Justin Leppitsch says this is just the beginning and he’s proud of his young team.

But the horror show continues for the embattled Carlton coach, this match against the last-placed team Malthouse’s fifth loss in six games.

Commentator: “You almost see the headlines now, can’t you. We said it out the outset, we deal in losers. Well, Carlton will feel the heat this week.”

While the calls for his head are growing, Malthouse says he has no plans to walk away.

Bernard Thompson, QUT News.