A 23 year-old man has thanked the volunteer paramedics who helped save his life in March.

Nick Riley sustained severe chest injuries after he was pinned to the ground when the car he was working on fell on him.

Sam Weston reports.


Nick Riley was working under his friend’s car in his garage when disaster struck.

Triple Zero Call: “Yeah we’re trying to lift up the car. Ok we’ve pulled him from under the car (Operator: You’ve just pulled him out have you?) Yep, yep he’s just really struggling to breathe.”

Volunteer Ambulance workers Peter McQuoid and Rae Ming Ong were called to the scene, they gave Mr Riley critical first aid before he was taken to hospital.

Nick Riley, Victim: “Well very thankful because I’m here still, a lot of people are surprised but I am here standing still.”

Mr Riley suffered eight broken ribs and a collapsed lung, but thanks to the quick medical response, he was out of hospital within eight days.

Peter McQuoid, Queensland Ambulance Service First Responder: “A fantastic outcome and it’s really good to see Nick and meet him afterwards. Yes, obviously we don’t do much talking with him during the incident itself.”

Queensland’s Ambulance Service has around 1,600 volunteers and around 350 First Responders who are trained in advanced first aid and given trauma kits.

When paged, they respond from home in their own vehicle.

Gavin Trembath, QAS Assistant Commissioner: “These people donate their time, they’re virtually unsung heroes and they do this day in, day out.”

The recognition of these two First Responders coincides with the beginning of National Volunteer Week, the annual tribute to the more than 22,000 Australians who volunteer each year.

Sam Weston, QUT News.