Next week’s Federal Budget has earmarked $850 million to go to childcare services for disadvantaged children.

The money will be spent on extra subsidies for families and communities to set up childcare facilities.

Rachel Liang reports.


The new funding, announced today, includes money for staff and carers, to help children with special needs.

Low income families earning under $60,000 or those struggling to make ends meet will be eligible for the assistance.

Scott Morrison, Social Services Minister: “Families who are vulnerable or have children with disabilities or are in remote and regional areas deserve to have the same choices that all families have.”

It is a welcome change from the previous budget.

The Opposition has given its support but only if the funding does not come from other cuts.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “There’s sensible savings that can be made.”

The allocation is part of a wider families plan to be announced in full on budget night next Tuesday.

Queensland is being promised a boost to help the cattle industry.

The Prime Minister traveled to Rockhampton and pledged $100-million to improve key cattle transport routes.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “Transport is about 35 per cent of the cost of production with beef in northern Australia. It’s important to get our transport costs down”

The Budget is also expected to contain upgrades of rural infrastructure.

It is mainly designed to flood-proof roads used to truck livestock and the plan will involve CSIRO modelling. The full details are just around the corner.

Rachel Liang, QUT News.