Queensland’s Police Service today honoured one of their own, Constable Sally Urquhart, who lost her life in the line of duty.

Today marks the 10th anniversary since a small plane crashed at Lockhart River in the state’s far north, killing all 15 people on board.

Deon Savage reports.


A Transair flight en route to Cairns came down in rugged mountains.

It was the worst aviation disaster in 50 years.

Today, family and friends gathered at the Police Service Academy at Oxley where the young constable began her career.

Her work would take her to remote Aboriginal communities, leaving the city beat to help those up north.

John O’Gorman, Former Police Inspector: “Sally was particularly successful with relating to the indigenous ladies. As we know some of the community at that stage were afflicted by domestic violence at a pretty high level.”

Those here recalled memories of Sally, describing her as smart, down-to-earth and practical.

Shane Urquhart, Sally’s Father: “She excelled at everything she did, never complained. And always disarmed people with the killer smile and winning conversation.”

Officials say her commitment to the service will never go unnoticed.

Ian Stewart, Qld Police Commissioner: “She was well-liked by her colleagues and by the community where she served, and I think that’s evidenced by the people who have come along to this celebration of her life today.”

A procession travelled along the walk of remembrance where a plaque was unveiled.

It wasn’t just Sally who lost her life in the accident. Fourteen others, including the two pilots, also perished.

Blue balloons were released, one for each victim.

Deon Savage, QUT News.